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South Carolina Senior Women's Golf Association

2019 Championship Results

SPRING VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB - October 7 & 8, 2019


Karin Wolfe


Leigh Coulter


Shelia Antonucci


Betty Armbruster

(Net Champion)


Ginger White 


Betty Armbruster

Championship Flight:

1st Low Gross                            Leigh Coulter

2nd Low Gross                           Elaine Johnson

3rd Low Gross                            Nancy Dodge

Second Flight

1st Low Gross                           Kathy Cuppia

2nd Low Gross                          Carole Stone

3rd Low Gross                           Lynn Holmes

Third Flight

1st Low Gross                           Chris Shadoan

2nd Low Gross                          Maria Renkey

3rd Low Gross                           Linda Nix

Fourth Flight

1st Low Gross                           Ida Menendez

2nd Low Gross                          Darlene Seguin

3rd Low Gross                           Lynn Neal

April 15 at Saluda Valley Country Club


Low Gross      Mary Jane Knauss & Ginger White

Super Senior

Low Gross      Linda Nix & Jane Webb


1st Low Gross      Pam Prescott & Chrissie Spidell

2nd Low Gross      Karin Wolfe & Lynn Holmes

3rd Low Gross      Linda Morris & Stephanie Van Inwagen

1st Low Net      Mary Jones & Susan Christian

2nd Low Net      Beverly Scarborough & Betty Thom

3rd Low Net      Sunny Bracken & Brenda Rutledge

4th Low Net      Jan Todd & Judy Ross

5th Low Net      Dale O'Keefe & Jean Burns

6th Low Net      Eunice Myers & Melba Brown

7th Low Net      Octavia Sutton & Betty Reynolds

8th Low Net      Dana Halliday & Leah Bohnen

9th Low Net      Kay Hall & Chris Shadoan

10th Low Net      Teresa Sprouse & Caroline Buswell

11th Low Net      Peggy Sullenberger & Janice Painter

12th Low Net      Susan Mitchell & Rhonda Rusch

13th Low Net      Wanda Rowland & Eve Branyon

14th Low Net      Sherry Sponseller & Marie Eby

15th Low Net      Pam Stercay & Kim Wolcoviek

16th Low Net      Cynthia Remington & Darlene Seguin

May 16 at Columbia Country Club


Low Gross      Mary Jane Knauss

Super Senior

Low Gross      Pat Rhodes


1st Low Gross      Deckie Jones

2nd Low Gross      Karin Wolfe

3rd Low Gross      Natalie Huff

1st Low Net      Martha Childers

2nd Low Net      Nina Greene

3rd Low Net      Pat Pantsari

4th Low Net      Jocelyn Burg

5th Low Net      Miriam Fisher

6th Low Net      Linda Nix

7th Low Net      Joyce Davis

8th Low Net      Jean Burns

9th Low Net      Darlene Seguin

10th Low Net      Phillis Millard

11th Low Net      Sue Kline

12th Low Net      Angie Ebey

Closest to Pin

# 5      Cindy Remington

# 8      Sue Garahan

#14      Pat Pantsari

#17      Sue Garahan

June 10 at Oak Hill Golf Course

Super Senior

Low Gross      Linda Nix & Jane Webb


1st Low Gross      Pam Prescott & Chrissie Spidell

2nd Low Gross      Deckie Jones & Elaine Johnson

3rd Low Gross    Lynn Humphrey & Marti Weaver

1st Low Net   Beth Bethel & Betty Ligon

2nd Low Net     Pat Pantsari & Ida Menendez

3rd Low Net       Rebecca Peterson & Cindy Remington

4th Low Net       Polly Paton & Connie Chick

5th Low Net       Mary Secoy & Toni Buerkert

6th Low Net       Jan Bowers & Dana Halliday

7th Low Net       Pat Rhodes & Jamie Bohnke

8th Low Net       Mary Ann Trent & Lisa Weeks

9th Low Net       Elisa Moskovitz & Deb Wiser

Closest to Pin

# 3 Kaye Lewis

# 7 Mary Ann Trent

# 13 Deb Wiser

# 17 Joann Eple

August 19 at Woodfin Ridge Golf Club


Low Gross                          Stephanie Van Inwagen


1st Low Gross                    Chrissie Spidell

2nd Low Gross                   Deckie Jones

3rd Low Gross                    Louise Givens

1st Low Net                        Teresa Sprouse

2nd Low Net                       Janice Painter

3rd Low Net                        Marie Pate

4th Low Net                        Doris Fisher

5th Low Net                        Leah Bohnen

6th Low Net                        Beverly Scarborough

7th Low Net                        Fran Dunn

8th Low Net                        Sherry Sponseller

9th Low Net                        Jennie Bates

10th Low Net                      Bonnie Williamson

11th Low Net                      Carolyn Gosnell

12th Low Net                      Martha Childers

13th Low Net                      Linda Nix

14th Low Net                      Dana Halliday

15th Low Net                      Caroline Buswell


# 5              Larisa Waldron

# 8              Dana Halliday

# 11            Carolyn Gosnell

# 15            Deckie Jones

September 9 at DeBordieu

Cancelled due to weather.